Unmanned Aircraft Systems Remote Pilot Certification – Advanced Course

Course Overview:

The Unmanned Aircraft System Remote Pilot course provides comprehensive training for individuals interested in operating UASs, commonly known as drones, for commercial The Unmanned Aircraft System Advanced Remote Pilot course provides students with knowledge and skills related to aviation regulations, safety management, and technical aspects of the aircraft. The course covers topics like aircraft systems, aerodynamics, navigation, maintenance procedures, airworthiness regulations, safety protocols, and meteorology. 

What You Will Learn

  • Understand regulations related to drones, safety guidelines, and airspace restrictions.
  • Learn about aircraft components and systems.
  • Perform pre-flight checks.
  • Understand how to plan and execute safe flights.
  • Understand how weather conditions can affect flights and how to interpret weather information.
  • Know how to react in case of emergencies, such as loss of signal or power.
  • Understand the impact of human factors on drone operations, including fatigue and stress management.
  • Learn how to communicate with air traffic control (if applicable) and other drone operators.
  • Understand the legal and ethical aspects of collecting data with drones, including privacy concerns.

Note: The course includes 5 hours of practical lessons at Stankovec Airfield where students will perform training aimed at operating a UAS safely and effectively, including flight advanced maneuvers and obstacle avoidance.

The content of the course is designed as a general guide and can be adapted or customized according to specific regulations, requirements, and advancements in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.


Access to the A2  course will be allowed only to those pilots who hold already a Pilot License (EASA A1-A3) and provide evidence of at least 5 hours (30 mix of 10 min.each) of solo flights (as per PERSONAL PILOT LOGBOOK).

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Course Instructor

Luigi Liguori Luigi Liguori Author

Limited-Time Launch Offer


The cost includes 6 hours of theory and 5 hours of practice on the DJI Mavic Pro drone, along with a final skill test and certification.

As a Bonus:

When joining the advanced course, you will have access to:

  • Photogrammetry with Drone Video Course.
  • Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) Process.

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