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The services offered by DroneBuzz are designed to ensure maximum results and can range from precision agriculture, inspection services, monitoring, photography, video and much more.

DroneBuzz Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions for Drones in Organic Precision Farming

The distribution of organic farming products with drones represents an interesting solution. It can reduce production costs, increase productivity, and guarantee a healthy and high-quality product in respect of nature.

Drones in agriculture are used to monitor crops by carrying out proximity surveys and for biological treatments through aerial distribution at low altitudes.

Through biological treatments, it is possible to guarantee the well-being of crops against the uncontrolled proliferation of parasites and diseases capable of compromising whole yields. Furthermore, the rapid inspection of the fields allows understanding the real potential and needs of the crops. The result is a maximization of the yield and a better quality of the final product with a lower environmental impact deriving from water, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Solutions for Industrial, Infrastructure & Site Monitoring

Safety, reliability, and efficiency are essential characteristics for the industrial sector. The solutions provided by drones can return visual, radiometric, thermal, and environmental data helpful in carrying out a great amount of operations in industrial plants, power plants, construction sites, energy companies, manufacturing industries, and professional firms, and companies interested in optimizing productivity, data management, and safety of personnel.

Integrated Solutions for Video Surveillance

The solutions provided by a drone, find wide applications in the field of safety, search and rescue, and environment.

A drone can acquire and transmit information from the surrounding environment. Multiple sensors can be associated with drones: Multispectral, Thermal, Visible, Lidar. This makes this solution an extremely versatile and effective tool for monitoring and surveillance ensuring efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Private companies and government bodies can use security drones perfectly integrated into video surveillance systems, capable of obtaining a quick overview of the site, thus managing every aspect in a safe, complete and efficient way.

Drones make possible to patrol large areas, providing complete coverage, and can be used as a deterrent to the entry of sensitive or dangerous sites, to detect potential intruders, or to provide assistance to investigations, thus improving the efficiency of inspections and sending feedback in time.

Integrated Solutions in Emergency Situations

Timeliness and accuracy are fundamental requirements in case of emergencies. For example, natural disasters such as fires, avalanches, or earthquakes require an immediate over flying of the area to identify the areas that need rapid intervention without wasting means and resources sent to the site, in the shortest possible time.

In addition, in the case of people missing as a result of accidents or natural events, it is essential to identify them in a few minutes to be more likely to rescue them in good time.

Search, and rescue can therefore be significantly facilitated by the synergy between emergency personnel and integrated solutions offered by the use of drones.


We also offer

Drone Thermography

Drone thermography is an analysis technique based on the acquisition of infrared aerial images.

Thanks to the radiation emitted by a source it is possible to determine its temperature. It is possible to apply this technique in all areas where aerial thermographic inspection is required and thanks to drone technology it is possible to make a complete mapping of an area, inspecting the surface quickly and easily.

This type of technology can also be used in search operation in case of persons lost in areas that are inaccessible and hard to reach.

and even more…

Photogrammetry with a Drone

Photogrammetry with drone is a technique used to perform surveys of large areas with images in 4k with the possibility to associate geolocalized ground points to the images and reach a high precisions of scale. The advantage of drone photogrammetry is to evaluate accurately the shape, position and size of an object or desired area with detailed and complete information.

Drone photogrammetry is a very useful tool for a wide range of work, such as three-dimensional reconstructions, orthomosaics and orthophotos, topographic maps, hydrogeological instability, volumetric calculations.

Filming with a Drone

Drone aerial photos offer an original point of view. The versatility and the reduced cost and time of making videos and photos represent the winning cards of this service that is able to provide a new and creative look to events (weddings, shows, sport ), places, advertisement, TV and Cinema.

Start Thinking Now About Tomorrow’s Drones

Tomorrow’s drones will be used for everything, from delivering parcels to saving lives. Drone pilots will need to be equipped with the skills necessary to fly drones in one country while sitting in another. They must be able to safely fly large and heavy drones carrying substantial loads and do so at night and in poor weather.
For our pilots, training is not a choice, it is a must.