DroneBuzz is a North Macedonia based aerial services provider.

DroneBuzz shows you the world like you have never seen, from another perspective, from an original point of view, unusual and at the same time amazing and addictive through the fusion between the passion for flying and the knowledge of the most revolutionary and innovative technologies.


We can carry out on-site inspections over an area and we can generate modeling and digital representation of the terrain or surface, with spatial and geometric information and provide details about the state of the terrain, buildings, plants, structures or infrastructure.

Integrated Solutions for Drones in Organic Precision Farming


Solutions for Industrial, Infrastructure & Site Monitoring


Integrated Solutions for Video Surveillance


Integrated Solutions in Emergency Situations


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Why DroneBuzz?

DroneBuzz has the necessary expertise to provide training, and professional services to pilots and operators in the field of Remotely Piloted Aircrafts.

DroneBuzz offers consulting and training for organizations, companies, municipalities, schools, and private individuals for developing education and passion for flying drones.

DroneBuzz can provide assistance for the Risk Analysis, for operational scenarios, based on European Union Safety Agency (EASA)Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) Methodology.

DroneBuzz can provide draft, update and review of technical and operational documentation (manuals. checklists, logbooks, procedures, etc….)

Start Thinking Now About Tomorrow’s Drones

Tomorrow’s drones will be used for everything, from delivering parcels to saving lives. Drone pilots will need to be equipped with the skills necessary to fly drones in one country while sitting in another. They must be able to safely fly large and heavy drones carrying substantial loads and do so at night and in poor weather.
For our pilots, training is not a choice, it is a must.

Partner with CROSTARS, a world-leading drone lighting show provider